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WordPress Design and Development FOR GOLF

Technology changes, and we want you to put your best site forward. Whether it’s time for a new design or you’re simply frustrated with the back-end, we have a solution for you. We’ll do the work, you’ll enjoy the benefits. Imavex is offering to move you off iworksite and onto a new platform, WordPress. We’ll use your existing site and match you to one of three designs.

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Why WordPress?

More features and easier to manage? That’s WordPress. WordPress is a platform we’ve been working with for some time and we are confident in it’s ability, and best yet, it’s ease of use. WordPress is our chosen platform because of it’s many benefits, such as a user-friendly interface, a simple back-end management system, and overall flexibility. 

What’s needed from me?

We simply need your approval. We’ll take your existing content and imagery and place it into one of the three design options we feel best fits your needs, there is nothing you need to do to make the move. All we ask is that you allow us to train you on the completed site as the back-end will present differently.

What’s the cost?

Imavex is offering a discounted migration to one of the three designs listed below. Want to see a sample of what your site will look like? Conduct a project charter and we’ll show you what the homepage and back-end of your site will look like before you fully commit. 

Benefits of WordPress

Responsive Design

Mobile friendly design that is easily viewable and can be used regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. 

Easy To manage

WordPress will forever change how you use your site. We’ll give you access to a simple visual builder that gives you control to easily make changes. It’s your site, easily navigate it.

Decrease Overhead

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, there is more functionality with less custom work. Bottom line is that you get more, for less. 

Boost your seo

WordPress helps optimize your SEO out of the gate. Google loves WordPress and additional optimizations are available.

Design Concept #1

Design Concept #2

Design Concept #3

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WHY THE NAME IMAVEX? (Pronounced “Emma-vex”)

We are asked this question a lot, and imavex is actually an acronym that the founding partners, Steve and Gerald, came up with at the start of the company. Although we have grown and evolved, this acronym tells the story of our roots.